Participate in your Local

How can I support and participate in my local?

There are a number of things members can do to help make the UAW and your local even stronger than it is today.  Participating in your local union, sticking together, and educating potential members and the public about our union are simple, everyday ways we can support our union.  Here are other ways:

  • Attend local union meetings regularly.  If you cannot attend meetings, talk to your steward or other members about what took place and try to make the next meeting.
  • Stay informed.  Keep up with current events and what is happening in your workplace.  Visit this website regularly to keep up with news that affects you and your union.
  • Participate in union elections.  Whether it is elections for officers, contract votes or local union business, your opinion counts and can make a difference.
  • Get to know your steward.  He or she is your primary contact with your union and can answer many of your questions or refer you to the appropriate resources.
  • Get to know your local officers and trustees.  Stop by the union hall and ask to speak with any officer.  They will be more than happy to address your questions and/or concerns.
  • Review your local union bylaws.  Each local is autonomous and has its own set of rules and guidelines.
  • Attend union rallies and events.  You may not be able to make them all, but standing together shows strength in numbers.
  • Spread the word.  If you hear about an issue that concerns you, tell your friends, relatives and coworkers and show them how to get involved.  Educate others.  Talk about what being a UAW member means to you.  Tell your friends, relatives and other workers about the benefits of being a UAW member.