Two styles of pullover sweatshirts available.  Cost is $30.  

The sweatshirt with the UAW Wheel has the embroidered wheel on the back.  A picture of the front of the sweatshirt is to its left. 

The "Union Proud" sweatshirt features the flag on the front with a wheel on the sleeve

The black and white old style baseball hat is limited and is $5.

The camo baseball hat is $15.

The black baseball hat comes in fitted or adjustable and is $10.

The camo knit beanie hat is $10.

The t-shirts are shown with the front first and the back next to it on the right. 

The first t-shirt with the flag and Union Proud is long sleeve.  The t-shirt comes in cotton (shown) or dry weave.  Colors available:  navy (shown), gray, black.  Sizes:  S-4X

The remaining t-shirt